Artisan Breads

We offer a selection of artisan breads from Tribeca Oven.  The breads are all natural, containing no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives or additaves. Freshly baked, these breads make great sandwiches with meats and cheese and also serve as excellent dinner loafs to accompany your pasta dishes.

Our current bread selections are:

  • Ciabatta - beautiful free-formed ciabatta. Great hole-filled structure, thin crust and sweet flavor
  • Pane di Casa - traditional Italian bread made in Biga style. Moist open structure and thin crust
  • Demi Baguette - a classic on its own with thin crust and delicate flavor. It’s a perfect complement to pâté and cheese, or to make all types of sandwiches.
  • Pane di Sesamo - Classic Italian bread topped with sesame seeds. Great crust, very light.