The Village Pasta Shoppe

Fresh Baked Artisan Bread



An Italian classic from the Piedmont region, with soft porous texture  –light and delicate flavor. A beautiful thin crust table bread that  complements cheese, salami, mustard and sausage. 

Makes excellent garlic bread with our homemade garlic butter. On request, we can have the garlic bread made-up, ready to go in your oven

Pane Di Casa


Traditional old-world full size ‘house’ bread with hand-scored rustic  crust and open chewy interior speckled with wheat bran. A comforting  dinner table complement to everyday family meals. 

Pane Di Sesamo


Toasted sesame seeds encase this delicately flavored loaf with a subtle  nutty taste. Hand scoring of the crunchy amber crust reveals a light airy texture. 

Demi Baguette


A classic on its own with thin crust and delicate flavor. This smaller  version of the French Baguette is the perfect sandwich carrier.